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By Richard B. Dubin

Welcome to the second installment of MVP PARENT, which has seen a slight delay in publication as the world is suddenly focused on basic hygiene. Sports teams of all sizes are broadening their traditional focus on injury prevention to include everyday infection prevention for both the players and the spectators. The publication delay has been caused, of course, by the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19, a potentially fatal respiratory disease. The effect this pandemic  has had on our sports community is something I have never witnessed in my lifetime: March Madness first planned on restricting fan access, but was then forced to cancel altogether, same with the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball has suspended spring training and delayed Opening Day. During these unique times, it is imperative that we pay attention to the facts and the experts whose job is to keep our health and safety front of mind. MVP PARENT is about the facts and we’ll bring you the advice from experts like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation’s primary source for such information. Our goal is to help readers stay informed, be safe, and recognize what you can do to help. With the current world pandemic, it is necessary to be even more mindful of basic hygiene practices (see page 15).

I am very excited to share that by the time this issue comes out, I will have appeared on with nutrition expert, founder of and one of our contributors, Jill Lane. Jill authored a piece on nutrition that you will find incredibly helpful for your youth athlete and maybe even yourself. A very special acknowledgment goes out to Dr. Bob Weil, author of #Hey Sports Parents and founder of Bob has been an incredible support to MVP PARENT and has introduced me to dozens of individuals making a difference in youth sports around the world. I have had conversations with experts at all levels of youth sports from coaches, parents, psychologists, nutritionists, and safety advocates. We have all witnessed and have stories of parents and coaches not putting kids’ well-being first. But that’s why MVP PARENT is here.

This issue also presents some incredible content that is sure to inform and educate on how to keep your youth athlete healthy and at the top of his or her game. Personal trainer Jay Vincent and founder of has written about slow repetitive weight training and its importance as a tool for injury prevention. An article on helmet safety will be of interest, particularly to parents of football and hockey players. In addition, we have addressed the very important topic of vaping and its effect on athletic performance. Dr. Bob Weil discusses the ever-important topic of sports specialization (spoiler alert: don’t do it!).

There is definitely a shift in the paradigm around youth sports—and it’s affecting coaching, parenting, safety, training, performance, nutrition, and overall health. Parents want and need to be educated about how to help young athletes. We can do more together than we can do individually and while many are doing their part to change a system that is broken, there is only so much improvement that can be made within a silo. Collaboration is key and MVP PARENT is at the forefront of this movement, bringing together the specialists needed to provide the most credible and evidence-based information that parents can trust. In this and every issue, you will discover new tools and new approaches to help your youth athlete be stronger, healthier, and safer.

It certainly takes a village…but it is also true that if we all work together, we can accomplish anything. I am very appreciative and extremely grateful for the support from the youth sports community that MVP PARENT has received. There are countless advocates and experts around the globe willing to share their guidance and advice and MVP PARENT’S goal is to help spread the word so that young athletes can play the sports they love without fear of injury.

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