Concussed kid? Get Them to Speak Up

When Katherine Price Snedaker received a call from her son Charlie’s school telling her to pick him up
and take him to the doctor, she wasn’t entirely sure what to think. “They said he might have a concussion from being hit with a soccer ball on the sidelines during recess, and I was confused that something like this could happen when he wasn’t even playing,” she said.

By Greg Gargiulo

Misbehaving Parents Can Be A Distraction

To the horror of his son and the surprise of the surrounding spectators, a frustrated parent descended the stands and came onto the court during a basketball game between 10- and 11-year-olds in Marietta, GA., last year, to inform the coach that he wasn’t doing a good job.

By P.K. Daniel

Monitoring Pitch Counts: Challenging But Necessary

In 2014, Greg Parson nearly saw his all-star baseball team’s season come to an abrupt end in an attempt to save one of his ace pitchers for a potential future game. Throughout the multiday Massachusetts Little League district tournament, Parson relied heavily on two kids to pitch for Leominster.

Chris Klingenberg

Getting Enough Sleep Can Help Prevent Injuries

Parents have been warning their adolescent children to get a good night’s sleep for many decades. While this used to be done out of concern about academic performance, today’s parents have an additional worry: Lack of sleep may increase young athletes’ risk of sports-related injury.

By John C. Hayes