A New Season Awaits!

Finally, we are starting to see some positive changes with school sports. Seasons have started and its very exciting for the players as well as parents. My oldest daughter has begun her college basketball season and is so happy to be back on the floor (she missed all of her freshman year due to COVID-19 restrictions).

It’s Always the Season for Giving Thanks

Giving thanks isn’t tied to a single day or a season. Thanking the folks who help you day after day shouldn’t be an afterthought. The idea of giving thanks or practicing gratitude should be intentional—we should encourage our young athletes to think actively about doing it on a regular basis.

The Road to College and Beyond

If your young student athlete is showing talent and enthusiasm for a specific sport, it is very tempting to go “all-in” on the one sport as soon as possible, especially if there are aspirations to play in college and professionally. Parents are faced with many opportunities and decisions on how to help…

Universal Exercises: Whatever The Sport!

Now, as a sports podiatrist, of course I’m prejudiced, but the fact is that strengthening your kid’s feet and ankles is one of the smartest things you can do as a sports parent. So is working on balance. It doesn’t matter what sport, what level or age. The 2 very important goals for all parents and coaches…

Social Media & Sport: Always On

Always on. Always connected. Always in the spotlight. Social media has benefits for athletes, but also creates a new level of pressure. For many sport parents, getting media coverage was fun back in your day. It meant getting your name in the local paper when you played well.

The Boys of Summer

As winter training slowly comes to an end, athletes eagerly await the start of a new season. Nowhere is  this more apparent than in the sport of baseball. The “Boys of Summer” are once again ready to set new records, and, hopefully, replace any previous disappointments with cheers and thrills.

From the Publisher

What a crazy year it has been! We have seen more change and uncertainty than ever before and no one knows what the new “normal” will be when we get there. As a parent of youth athletes, I experienced first-hand these changes.

By Richard B. Dubin