Safely Training the Youth Female Athlete

Your daughter wants to play a sport. You want to support her but you’re not sure what to do next. It’s important to note that historically, girls have played sports and boys have trained to play sports. Read that again and you’ll understand the discrepancy in injury rates between the sexes.

Helping Your Child Navigate Performance Issues

Long before Caroline Burckle emerged as a world class swimmer and an Olympic medalist, the door to the mental side of competing was nudged open by her father during rides home from her youth swim meets. Like all young athletes, she had to learn how to navigate the sting of a disappointing performance…

The Challenge of Drugs & Youth Sports

The link between drugs and sports runs deep! Drugs and sports have been connected for about as long as sports have been played. This includes the whole array of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs both prescribed by doctors and available over the counter.