Prescription Custom Orthotics

Hey Sports Parents & Coaches- Hard to believe that I’ve been prescribing custom orthotics for sports kids over the BY DRp.aBstO40ByWearEs I(give or take a few weeks). Young boys & girls, from teenagers to others commonly under the age of 12, as young as 5 or 6 in all sports. Sports like soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, figure skating, hockey, running, dance, etc.

Preventing and Managing Rotator Cuff Injuries

If you or your child is involved in sports, either recreationally or competitively, or you are just an avid baseball fan, you are probably familiar with the term “rotator cuff.” This term is usually associated with an injury that is keeping an athlete out of the game. Athletes can drastically reduce the likelihood of suffering a rotator cuff injury with some very simple steps in the offseason through proper training and then managing the stress placed on the rotator cuff during the season.

By Jay Vincent

Top 5 Sideline Parents: Which one are YOU?

We have all been there before. Maybe you got a bit excited about your kid’s soccer game. You enthusiastically were cheering…or maybe it was more like yelling, just a bit too much. We have all done it, got caught up in the moment of supporting your kid playing soccer at age 8. With NCAA Division I opportunities at your door (only kidding), you got caught up in the moment.

By Amy Masters

Supporting Athletic Success

We talked with Jim and Monique Brown about how quiet support gave their young athletes room to thrive. My first assignment for MVP Parent was interviewing Aiysha and Marcus Spears. The dream first assignment. Intelligent, articulate, fun, cooperative, and unassuming are all words I’d use to describe the couple I interviewed a few short months back.

By Josh Cupp

Are You Ready?

Schools, Parks, and ball fields are all steadily opening, and the athletes this summer are once again getting ready to put on a show. Here are six physical tests for our athletes to make sure they are ready to get back on the field.

By Justin Sacco, Alex DiCioccio, and Peter Gorman, DC

Feeling the Parent Pressure

Sport parenting isn’t for the weak. Sport parents get a lot of blame. Did you hear the latest “crazy sport parent” story? Can you believe sport parents these days? They’re just living through their kids. While of course this happens, the majority of sport parents want what’s best for their athletes, they just don’t always know how to go about it.

By Linda Sterling, CMPC, LPC