Protein and The Student Athlete: How Much, When and Why

Protein comes from the Greek word meaning “of first importance,” which seems appropriate once you consider its numerous functions. Protein plays a key role in many aspects of health for athletes and adults alike (in fact protein contains something called essential amino acids that the body needs but can’t make, we will cover more on that below).

By Jill Lane

Train for Functional Ability, Not “Explosiveness”

Parents would be wise to check on strength-and-conditioning protocols for their student athletes, no matter what age. It would be safe to say that every National Football League (NFL) fan is familiar with the name Saquon Barkley. This young football prodigy was a college sensation and performed on a level that can be accurately described as breath-taking in his first season in the NFL.

By Jay Primarolo 

Communication Tips for Youth Sports Coaches

As a coach, being a good communicator is very important. It actually makes your players more comfortable, helps them develop, and can create a positive culture. Of course, poor communication can do the opposite. For youth sports athletes, it makes the world of difference when you can communicate clearly and effectively.

By Amy Masters

Navigating College Recruitment

College recruitment of student-athletes can be daunting. Here are some helpful tips for parents and athletes. Welcome to the first of our 4-part series on college recruitment. Each issue, we’ll tackle a new topic crucial to helping your student-athlete through this important process.

By Rey Crossman

From the Publisher

What a crazy year it has been! We have seen more change and uncertainty than ever before and no one knows what the new “normal” will be when we get there. As a parent of youth athletes, I experienced first-hand these changes.

By Richard B. Dubin

Play Informed: Weighing the risks and benefits of youth sports during a pandemic

Youth sports bring boundless benefits to children and college-aged adults alike, from physical well-being to the socialization skills inherent in team-based competition. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic – already intertwined in most every aspect of our daily lives – has impacted the sports world as well, leaving young athletes wondering when and how they can safely resume their on-field endeavors.

By Douglas J. Guth

Youth Sports Safety: Helmets

The COVID-19 pandemic may be the front-page news, but parents of youth athletes need to remain vigilant about safety precautions for sport-related concussions. This is particularly true as young athletes are returning to the field and injury prevention and management remain critical among youth football players in particular.

By Susan Yeargin, PhD, ATC

Student Athletes and Immune Health

Illness is the second most common reason (after injury) athletes miss training and competition. A student athlete’s ability to be and stay well is of utmost importance now more than ever. In this article we’ll cover what science has to say about healthy immune function in athletes, while helping them build their inner defense system and resiliency.

By Jill Lane